THINGS IN THE DARK, 36/24 Inches Original Handmade Art

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This art work will bring clarity and illumination in your life. This is a 36/24 inches framed handmade image made with unique designer threads and cords. These kinds of threads and cords glitters at night. This image represents seeing the hidden things in the dark with the help of the light. God is the light that will help you see the hidden things that the naked eyes can never see. For clarity and understanding you will definitely need the light to see in a dark world. Let the light shine in your life and reveal the hidden things that surround you in the dark. You can hang this in your home or office for clarity and illumination. The vibration of this wonderful art will surely help in revealing the hidden or the unknown to you. FREE SHIPPING OR FREE DELIVERY to anywhere in Nigeria. If you need a customized art or if you have any questions, you can send me a message at or you can give me a call at +2347014637678 Thanks.



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