The Dream, Thread Art and Poetry

If you give up, you die

You stay strong, you rise

It’s just how it is in this world, you decide

What you want to do with your life for real

It’s a short one, better make your move for real

Every cause has an effect

You bless, you will be blessed

You curse, you will be cursed

Consequences, they come

When you see them you run,

Like you seeing a gun,

But you never escape for long Cuz it catches up

Like the karma does, knocking on your door

Now you peeping through the window, hugging on your wall

This is the time for your change of course

Get in touch with the spirit, feel the force

So rise up from the hole and behold

The night is deep and your dreams are real

Be careful how you feel before you sleep

Know what to throw away and what to keep.

Even when the blind can never see,

The man’s best friend next to you can see

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