How to change your mind to better your life

Are you looking for how to change your mind to better your life? The mind is the power house and it is what controls the body and the actions. If you as a spirit can be able to control your mind for at least 80% of the time, then you are in charge and on top of your game. But if you cannot be able to control your mind properly then your mind will make you suffer until you learn how to control it.

We are made up of the body, mind and spirit. The spirit is the main YOU, the boss. Without the spirit the mind and the body will never exist. The spirit is your core and your true self. The mind is where the information from the spirit and outside influences are being processed, analyzed and carried out. It is the center point where decisions are made. So, without the mind the body can never exist. The body is the vehicle or rather the playground. After the mind sends the message to the body, then the body acts on it.

If you understand the roles of this trinity, then you will truly know the importance of maintaining control of your mind in order to succeed and progress in life. It is your mind that causes you pain, sadness, depression and so on. If you start controlling your mind then you can be able to make yourself happy and content. You can now be able to attract the good things in your life.

6 tips on how to change and control your mind for the better

  1. Pray and thank God for helping you realize that you have to change your mind set for the better. Be grateful for your life at this moment.
  2. Learn and practice meditation. If you don’t know about meditation, you can go ahead and google it for more info.
  3. Be mindful of what you watch or listen to on TV and social media, because whatever you keep watching or listening to will gradually be programmed into your subconscious mind.
  4. Set small goals and take immediate action.
  5. Create new good habits and try your best to repeat and be consistent. An example of a good habit is reading.
  6. Always remember to love yourself. If you love yourself then your mind will love you too.

Above are the 6 tips on how to change your mind for the better. Now I will like to introduce you to my latest piece of art work. The images are made with fine designers thread and cords. This one is called “Still Thirsty”. This piece shows dedication and perseverance. Not giving up and the power of patience. As you can see the person has been waiting for a drop of water from the miracle tap. He has been there waiting until his body started to turn into something else, but still he didn’t give up and finally a drop of the miracle water from the miracle tap. His patience has finally paid off.

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  1. I can’t control myself all my colleagues are ahead of me interns of making a good life but my own even from hand to mouth I can’t afford
    Though I had teciary education level but I don’t know what,how and why things are hard for
    This is causing me a great depression
    And I don’t know what to do please help me I need your advice and help

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