How to build successful relationships in 2020 and beyond

Are you looking for how to build successful relationships? Are you tired of failing and toxic relationships? Relationships and human bonding is the most important part of our human experience. We can never succeed, survive or even exist without each other. Life is all about relationships, starting with your parents, your brothers, your sisters, your uncles, your aunts and other extended family members. Then your friends, your co-workers, your boyfriend or your girlfriend, your boss or your staff, your husband or your wife, your children, your nephews, your business partners and on and on. Life revolves around relationships no matter what you are into. Now, the plan is to build and maintain healthy, strong relationships that can favor everyone. Like most people, maybe in the past you have been in a lot of toxic relationships that it has subconsciously affected you negatively, both in your mind and spirit.

Maybe you have experienced a lot of disappointments, heart breaks, betrayal and neglect. Now it has made you feel like there will never be a good relationship for you again. You feel like you are not good enough or maybe you feel guilty, thinking that you are the cause of your failed relationships. So if you are feeling like this then you need to stop and let me remind you of the real and how to build good relationships.

The first thing to do is to forgive yourself and then forgive every failed, toxic relationship that you have been in. Forgive everybody that you think have wronged you somehow and somewhere in your life. Forgive and let go and when you do so you will then naturally begin to forget all those past bad experiences that haunted your mind and spirit. You will become lighter inside when you forgive. Make sure you really forgive from the heart. And if you also come across the person, make sure to let them know that you have forgiven them.

No matter how hard it is just remember that it is hard because it is the right thing to do. Right things are hard to do and it takes only strong willed people to do the right thing in this world.

After forgiving your past, then the next thing is to embrace the present and the future with love. True love which is love without judgement. Understand that it is not everyone that is awake. People will hurt you because of their own inner problems that they haven’t dealt with yet. Just understand and live your life as positively as possible. If you do not like something then gracefully leave it alone and move on without harboring any ill feelings that will disturb your spirit. Remember that when you are loving something or someone, do not expect it back because this causes disappointment. Just love and love with your whole heart, if it comes back or not doesn’t matter. This is the key. Do your best and you will see and experience the benefits of being strong and understanding.

Be a kind person, not a nice person. If you follow the advice that I have given you today with love, then you must surely see the natural blessings that will flow into your relationships forever.

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